Silk Road Alliance of Transnational Financial Leasing

The Silk Road Alliance of Transnational Financial Leasing was founded in September 2017 at the annual SRCIC Silk Road Business Summit.


Financial leasing companies affiliated to state owned Chinese banks and big enterprises, multinational consulting and legal institutions, SRCIC, and its important members are the co-initiators of the Alliance, including CCB Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., SPBD Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, China Pacific Insurance (group) Co., Ltd., CCCC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Ernst & Young China, Global Law Office, the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, International Chamber of Commerce Philippines Inc., Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, China Ministry of Commerce CAEFI Leasing Business Committee, and Datang Xishi Financial Holding Co. Ltd.


In December 2017, at the SRCIC 2nd Anniversary Celebration, Russian International Center Development of Foreign Trade and Industrial Cooperation, Chinese Academy of Financial Leasing, China Kangfu International Leasing Co., Ltd., Guantian International Leasing Co., Ltd., Global Law Office, and Datang Silk Road International Leasing Co., Ltd. signed an MOU to jointly promote the development of the Alliance.




The Alliance is committed to researching the geo-economy of the Belt and Road region, establishing a service platform covering the whole process of transnational financial leasing -- business consultancy, financial advising and resource integration, building up an enormous database to give impetus to the credit transparency of global enterprises and solve the trust issues of transnational business, and enhancing the communication and exchange among the Alliance global members to popularize the transnational financial leasing and promote the inclusive development.




  • Information Service: the Alliance provides its members with real-time requirement information in terms of import and export projects, equipments and funds.
  • Service on International Affairs: the Alliance provides its members with legal, financial, consulting and commercial support in the Belt and Road countries and regions to reduce investment risks and time costs in mutual understanding among members.
  • Credit Service: with a full use of SRCIC resources, the Alliance will provide its members with integrated credit enhancement solutions and industrial credit enhancement solutions for different projects and equipments.
  • Training Service: the Alliance will organize and execute professional financial leasing training to practitioners and brokers from different countries.